The Actor As Storyteller

Lisa Pescia from TV's The Mentalist, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, Parenthood and Seinfeld is a veteran LA based actor, director, producer & teacher. Her training has been primarily with the late film and theater director, Milton Katselas at the Beverly Hills Playhouse for 25+ years. Also she has taught directors along with Mark Travis at UCLA and AFI. After teaching international actors for several years in LA, as of 2013 Lisa has brought her Acting Intensive to ECIB in Barcelona, Spotlight Studios & The Actors Centre in London, BAW/Paris, Point in Berlin, Hollywood in Rome and CinAct at AED Studios Belgium.

The focus of The Actor As Storyteller workshop is on understanding the heartbeat of the story and creating dynamic, personal choices that support both the text and the actor’s authenticity. We explore how to use moment to moment emotional availability, objectives, given circumstances and physical behavior/state in the ability to effectively deliver a truthful, strong performance. The class is challenging, yet very supportive and no matter where you are in your career, a thorough exploration of acting craft.

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I have known Lisa and worked with her for many years....she is stellar as a person, a teacher, and an actress--Lisa will be a great teacher for you--she has a broad range and high impact with her students. I trust her with my personal and professional life. You are in good hands--she is expert - Jeffrey Tambor ( “Arrested Development”)

Lisa Pescia is one of the most detailed and thorough actors with whom I have ever worked. She builds a character in very specific ways, every detail is important to her. Her work ethic is superb, she has a great sense of humor and did I mention? She’s very talented! - Beth Grant (“The Mindy Project”)

During my time in LA I was privileged enough to have LISA PESCIA teach me! One of the best teachers I have ever had, FULL of experienced advice, a caring approach and more importantly FUN! Leaving her class made me feel like I just ran a marathon, she will take you on a journey like no other ..AND SHE IS COMING TO THE UK!!!! ACTING AT ITS BEST - A MUST ATTEND WORKSHOP! – Nina Mashhouri (London based teacher/actor)

Lisa is a marvel at what she does and what she doesn't know about the business in L.A., Neil Armstrong wouldn't know about the moon. I found it to be a great insight into the business and she really opens your mind up to auditioning processes. When working on scenes with Lisa she really gives you another approach and another way of thinking that you would never have thought or imagined in playing with any kind of scene. She is a world of knowledge and her workshops are great fun and she is a ball of laughs to work with. If she is in town again, hit her up. Lisa' s class is worth every minute. – Lorcan O’Neill (Actor/ Cork City Ballet)

Lisa’s wonderful enthusiasm, insight, encouragement, support, feedback, knowledge, her love of really meant more than I can say. She has re-ignited my passion for acting. - Lawrence Sheldon (Belgian actor / CinAct)